So, as you already know that Morgan Wallen is coming with his Whiskey Glasses Tour in the upcoming 2020, you must have heard about Jon Langston Tour. Yes, the amazing singer of FOREVER GIRL will be joining the WHISKEY GLASSES singer Morgan in his headlined roadshow tour!

If you are freak for music and want some real GEM, you must not miss it!

Jon Langston Tour 2020, Dates & Concert Schedule
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Who is Jon Langston?

If you love music, you have surely heard or seen the name of Jon Langston somewhere. He is an amazing singer and a guitarist too. In terms of judging his music, you can rely on the Independent Country Music. Yes, he has women acclaim in a music scene of Independent Country Music.

When we talk about his self-titled release, we got it for the first time in 2015. Also, his amazing voice was nominated for Male Artist of the Year in Georgia Country Awards back in 2013. So, you already know why he is an amazing singer and also an incredible guitarist.

Before his Fame

He was basically born in Georgia. He is not a born singer or a guitarist. He developed his ability through amazing hard work. However, he started living for music from the very beginning. When he was in his eighth grade, he started to take tour of the world of music for the first time. Along with music, he has gone through football. The best part was he kept the quality of his music along with the studies parallel. He is a remarkable student of his time. He also got a scholarship for playing football at the University of North Carolina.

Wallen and Jon

Wallen and Jon will be together in this roadshow tour. Here, they will stop in 19 different cites and sing their favorite songs. The show will start on 14th October. Just to let you know, the official promoter of the tour is Live Nation.

As Jon and Wallen have been close for a very long time, they will go to rock the show. No one has any confusion regarding this and if you are a fan of both, you will surely be excited to know about the dates of the show. Go to the show and have fun! Wallen supports Jon by saying that Jon has his own star rising. Basically, Wallen offered Jon for the show and being an old friend of Wallen, Jon accepted the offer cordially. What else is a good friend for?

Ins and Outs

Do you want to know how we got Jon Langston today? Yes, you guessed right! We got him from the “Headlined” show! Back in 2015, we saw him headlining a sold-out show in the Georgia Theatre. In that place, we have seen Corey Smith performing. He has also seen Luke Bryan singing in the stage. And he got his amazing career after headlining the show!

Tickets Out

Morgan Wallen is headlining this tour and when Jon Langston is joining, you already can imagine how amazing the roadshow tour will be! The best part about Jon Langston related tour is you will not get tickets whenever you want! Yes, the tickets get sold-put faster than the speed of light! This is also sad news because if you are a Jon Langston fan, you have to hurry up.

Final Words

If you are music freak and do not want to miss it, grab the tickets soon. As you are going to see the tour in different cities, you are never going to lose the track! The tour will run for a very long period and so, you do not need to worry!

Get your tickets and take your friends out for this show. This show worth all your love and attention!