If you have never heard about the new talent Ashland Craft, you should not miss it now! Yes, your favorite WHISKEY GLASSES singer Morgan Wallen is going to take Ashland Craft with him in the 19 cities tour in the upcoming 2020.

morgan wallen tour 2020 dates
image source: https://twitter.com/ashlandcraft

If you are a fan of Morgan, you will surely end up loving Ashland too. Why? It is because Morgan supports and loves the talent Ashland has. As he is new to this world of music, Morgan Wallen is here to support him and guide him. And so, he is talking Ashland in his own headlined roadshow tour with him!

Wallen and Ashland

Wallen and Ashland both are in the music world and going to face the roadshow tour soon. The interesting part about both of these artists is both of them are here via the show THE VOICE! Just like Wallen, Ashland has got his fan base from this amazing show.

About his show, Wallen said that he is talking on of his old friend Jon along with Ashland. He also mentioned that Ashland is a new talent in the music world. Basically, Morgan Wallen is helping and guiding Ashland Craft to show her voice to the public so that the public can know how talented she is!

He also mentioned that as people do not know Ashland Craft so much, he will be helping her to let know about her voice. He said that people will be familiar with Ashland Craft’s name soon.

The Rise of Ashland

Ashland got a chance in the show THE VOICE in its thirteenth season. Here, she tried out her amazing voice to impress the audiences along with the judges. The voice of Ashland has made her one of the most incredible singers of these times.

She won the hearts of thousands of people. She performed on the songs of Waylon Jennings GOOD HEARTED WOMEN and the hearts of all men and women were melted! And you already understand that if you are going to get this voice in the roadshow tour of Wallen, how incredibly flattered you will be!

If you still do not understand how wonderful her voice is, you should listen to it. She is also working on several covers of the released songs. Basically, she works as a YouTube cover artist. And if you go through her VIEWS, you will get to know how people love her voice and her videos.

Before being a Celebrity

Ashland Craft was basically born in and grown up in Piedmont which is in South Caroline. Yes, you guessed right, Jon Langston is also from South Carolina. So, we can already judge that Couth Carolina has some amazing voices that are rising up day by day!

Music and Trivia

Getting back to the point, unlike Jon, Ashland started her music life when she was a kid. She was only 10 years old when she played guitar for the first time. And since then, she never looked back. Music was her one and only interest and she worked for it.

After this, she got popular with the help of the Country Club in South Carolina. She joined the House Band at the Wendell’s Dippin Branch Country Club and started to settle for music slowly.

The best part about Ashland music life is covering the song BURNIN’ IT DOWN. She has released her own cover of this song by Jason Aldean and people around the glove loved her voice on this song.

Final Words

If you are going to listen to some mature voice along with a tint of newcomers, you should join this show anyway. Two amazing popular voice with a powerful woman voice is going to make your evenings amazing!
So, if your music taste is incredible and you have a love for music, on the whole, you must not settle for less! Go for the WHISKEY GLASSES ROADSHOW by Morgan Wallen and soothe your soul with drops of music.